Company Profile - zojoz

Zojoz Pty Ltd specialise in sourcing landscape/designer pieces and recreational products for use in public open space.  Zojoz’ offer their services to government departments, developers, architects, designers, advertising agencies and landscape architects - in fact anyone who wants to enhance their urban space.

Science Park

Science Park offers a range of interactive, scientific based, playing and learning activities.  Designed by Tobia Repossi and manufactured in Italy by Modo SRL, Science Park promotes learning and interaction by using scientific concepts in high quality, innovative products.

Science Park equipment is manufactured from high quality materials including stainless steel with great sculptural appeal. Each item has an information panel, including instructions on how to play with the piece and additional explanation of the simple scientific concepts covered.  Designers can combine the products into single Science Park zones or scatter individual pieces throughout the landscape to create significant ‘found objects’.